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August 13, 2012


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MLP Resource: Minky Color Guide

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 13, 2012, 12:09 PM

(Please keep an eye out for more helpful journals centered around plushie making! More will be made in the future!

Also, keep checking back, as more characters and their colors will be added soon!

MLP: Minky Color Guide:

Which minky color works best for ______ (insert MLP character here)?

This journal is an attempt to answer that question. There are more than 50 shades of minky out there, and as a plushie maker, I realize that it can be difficult to know which color will work best for the particular pony you're working on. This is made even more frustrating by the fact that many of the images of the minky do not show the true color!

I recently ordered a ton of swatches from, and I'm continuing to collect swatches from various websites, in an attempt to get most of the minky colors. Because I have the actual fabric with me, I can compare it to the characters' colors to see which fits best, to ensure that you can make a plushie that is as show-accurate as possible, color-wise.

Please keep in mind that if I come across a better color, I will update this list to keep it as show-accurate as possible!

How to Use

Here's a quick sample to reference when using this list:

Pony Name:
Body: Best Color For Body or (alternative body color)
Hair: Best Hair Color(s)
Other: Miscellaneous comments about the colors may be given here.

So, the color that works best and is the most show accurate, will be shown in bold. I also may give an alternative body color, just in case the first is out of stock or you cannot get a hold of it for any reason. The same goes for the hair: best color(s) will be in bold, and, if there happens to be a good alternative, that will be in italic. Also, each color will be hyperlinked for easy access to the fabric.

The Guide

I've posted an image showing all the minky swatches right now! I've tried to make them as color accurate as possible in the photo, although keep in mind that computer color display may vary slightly:
Minky Swatches by MLPPlushies

Twilight Sparkle:
Body: Lavender
Hair: Royal AKA Midnight Blue, Fuchsia, and Purple
Other: Navy may also work for the blue in Twi's hair, but it could be a bit too dark. As for the purple in her hair, you may be able to substitute Violet or Jewel. Fuchsia is really the best option for the pink.

Pinkie Pie:
Body: Paris Pink or (Bubblegum Pink)
Hair: Fuchsia

Body: Yellow
Hair: Bubblegum Pink or (Blush)
Other: Do not be tempted to buy Baby Pink minky - although it may look like a good fluttershy pink, it is extremely light... Literally almost white.

Body: Mango
Hair: Yellow or (Ivory?)
Other: There really is no comparison to the Mango minky, which is why I haven't listed an alternative color. Orange is too dark, Sunshine is too yellow... So if you see mango, and you're planning on making an Applejack in the future, buy it before the store runs out! Also, I don't have a swatch for the ivory minky, but from what I can see in pictures, it seems like it could possibly be a good alternative to yellow for her hair.

Body: White or (Snow White)
Hair: Purple
Other: White and Snow White are basically the same exact color.

Rainbow Dash:
Body: Baby Blue or (Sky)
Hair: Cherry, Orange, Yellow, Dark Lime, Azure, and Purple
Other: Although Baby Blue is ever so slightly too light for Rainbow Dash, Sky is a bit too dark. And unfortunately there is no in-between color. You'll just have to choose which one you like better - slightly light or slightly dark.

Princess Celestia:
Body: White or (Snow White)
Hair: Bubblegum Pink, Sage, Sky, and Violet
Other: The colors in Celestia's hair are slightly dull - the minky shades recommended above will help achieve those slightly dull colors. If you want to go more vibrant, however, you may want to use Paris Pink, Dark Lime, Azure, and Jewel.

Princess Luna:
Body: Royal AKA Midnight Blue or (Navy, suggested by Sophillia)
Hair: Electric Blue
Other: To help achieve the transparent look of Luna's hair (in season 2), you can use a transparent fabric such as organza or tulle layered over the electric blue minky.
Helpful Tip: munchforlunch suggests that if you want to buy fabric from only one place (to reduce shipping costs), you can use Electric Blue for the body, sparkling organza layered over electric blue for the hair, and Baby Blue for the hooves.

Apple Bloom:
Body: Yellow
Hair: Cherry

Sweetie Belle:
Body: White or (Snow White)
Hair: Violet or (Jewel) and Bubblegum Pink

Body: Orange
Hair: Raspberry or (Fuchsia)

Body: Grey or (Silver)
Hair: Yellow
Other: Some people like to use Dusty Blue for Derpy - as you can tell from the name, it has more blue tones than the grey or silver minky.

Dr. Whooves:
Body: Cappuccino
Hair: Mocha or (Dark Brown)
Other: I'd recommend ordering swatches of the browns, just in case, because they can be difficult to photograph and see their true colors.

Big Macintosh:
Body: Cherry
Hair: Orange

Body: Silver
Hair: Charcoal
Other: If you want to go darker than Charcoal for the mane, the next darkest shade is Black.

Bon Bon:
Body: Yellow
Hair: Royal AKA Midnight Blue and Paris Pink

Body: Canary AKA Bright Yellow
Hair: Sunshine and Orange
Wonderbolts Uniform/Costume: Electric Blue and Canary AKA Bright Yellow

Body: Baby Blue
Hair: Royal AKA Midnight Blue
Wonderbolts Uniform/Costume: Electric Blue and Canary AKA Bright Yellow

Vinyl Scratch:
Body: White or (Snow White)
Hair: Turquoise and Electric Blue

Granny Smith:
Body: Dark Lime or (Opal, if you want a more muted green)
Hair: Yellow

Body: Opal or (Tiffany)
Hair: Baby Blue and White
Other: For Lyra's mane, you can choose from a couple blues... As alternatives for Baby Blue, Aqua and Tiffany could be good choices.

Daring Do:
Hair: Black, Charcoal, Grey, and Ivory
Clothing: Olive and Jade
Other: Hunter would be a great color for her clothing, along with Olive, but I can't find it in stock anywhere! So Jade + Olive will have to work. (I know Jade looks super, super bright in the picture, but trust me on this: it's not even half as bright in real life! The picture is not accurate at all.)

Body: Raspberry
Hair: Bubblegum Pink and Blush

The Great and Powerful Trixie:
Body: Sky or (Cobalt)
Hair: Baby Blue and White
Other: Trixie is a true cornflower blue, and unfortunately, there are no minky colors that match her perfectly. Sky is more cornflower than any, but is a few shades too light. I know some other plushie makers have had success with Cobalt, although it is a few shades too dark - so you'll just have to choose if you want slightly light or slightly dark for her body!

Thank you munchforlunch, thetypeofpony, Tawny0wl, Sophillia and NerdyMind for contributing to the list! :heart:

Attention Plushie Makers!

If any plushie makers would like to help contribute to this list, that'd be great! If you have found a color that works better than one that is already listed for a specific character, please let me know and I'll edit the list!

Or, if you want to add some more characters and their colors to the list, that's helpful too :)

Thanks for reading, everyone! Hope you found this helpful :heart:

Skin by White-Nuts
Celestia Vector by WraithX79
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Which minky color works best for Nightmare Moon?
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I would say black for her body, dusty blue for her armor, purple for her cutie mark, and maybe electric blue or azure for her mane and tail, depending on whether you would like a dark or light shade. :) I'm not a plushie expert, but these just seem like the right colours. :D
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